Caucus for Adam

Help Adam win the DFL endorsement by becoming a delegate at the Ward 13 convention

Essential to victory is the DFL endorsement. The DFL endorses a candidate based on whomever receives 60% of the votes at the Ward 13 convention.  

There are two steps outlined below that you can take to become a Ward 13 delegate and help Adam win:

  1. Sign up to be a delegate at the precinct caucuses on Tuesday, April 4
  2. Attend the DFL Ward 13 convention and vote for Adam on Saturday, April 29

Let Adam know you are planning to be a delegate by signing up: 

Important: If you cannot attend the precinct caucuses on April 4, but would like to be a delegate to the Ward convention to help Adam win, you still can! Fill out this form and email it to

First, become a delegate by going to Precinct Caucuses

Date - April 4, 2017, 7:00 pm - 9:00pm
Locations are based on the precinct you are in. See the map below to identify the precinct you are in and see a list of locations.

The most important things is to Attend the precinct caucus and raise your hand to be a delegate to the Ward 13 convention when asked. Sign up and optional trainings will also be provided.

Ward 13 Voting Precincts & Neigborhoods (View PDF version)

Ward 13 Voting Precincts & Neigborhoods (View PDF version)

Precinct Locations & Room Assignments

Precinct Location Room
1 Lake Harriet Lower Gym
2 Lake Harriet Lower Lunch Room
3 Southwest High School Atrium/Cafeteria
4 Southwest High School Band Room
5 Southwest High School Choir Room
6 Barton Open School Atrium/Commons
7 Anthony Middle School Gym
8 Anthony Middle School Lunch Room
9 Anthony Middle School Auditorium
10 Barton Open School Gym
11 Southwest High School Flex Suites 3,4,5
12 Burroughs Gym
13 Burroughs Auditorium

Second, attend the DFL ward 13 convention and make your voice heard

Date - April 29, 2017, 9:00 am - afternoon
Location - Anthony Middle School, 5757 Irving Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55419

Note: Anticipate being at the convention for several hours, into the afternoon. If you have specific needs that may be a challenge in you attending (e.g. daycare or a ride), Adam’s campaign can help with that. Reach out to Adam’s campaign at to let them know.


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