Adam Faitek for Ward 13 City Council

More than ever, we need strong, progressive leadership to create a city For everyone

We must stand up for equity, inclusion, and respect. I’m running because we need to take action at City Council to create change, to provide a livable wage, increase affordable housing, and prioritize core services over stadiums. I am running because I want to work with you as your City Council member to create a stronger Ward 13 for everyone.

Now is a crucial time to decide how we should move ahead. This is especially true if you are a person of color, an immigrant, or barely paying rent. I am running because we need progressive voices to combat policies that are regressive and that do not represent our community. I am running because more needs to be done to create a place for everyone.

I will be seeking the DFL endorsement. Please join me and caucus on April 04. 


About Me

I grew up in the Twin Cities and have lived in Ward 13 for the past seven years, where I reside with my wife, Molly, and our dog, Buddy. I have worked in the nonprofit field leading fundraising and volunteer recruitment efforts that helped those facing food insecurity and poverty. These efforts led to putting millions of dollars back into the pockets of low-income families.


Ward 13 Neighborhoods:

  • Armatage

  • East Harriet Farmstead

  • Fulton

  • Kenny

  • Linden Hills

  • Lynnhurst

  • West Calhoun

My Priorities for Minneapolis

Equity, inclusion, and respect are the values that are guiding my campaign.

Our community is an amazing place to live. I want to make sure that everyone is welcome here and people of any age and income can afford to live in our neighborhoods. I believe Ward 13 needs a progressive leader who can bring people together to achieve results. 

My priorities include the following:

To make Ward 13 a livable place for everyone by:

  • Improving pedestrian safety and making our streets and walkways safe for all with funding for safety improvements.

  • Fostering smart and right-sized development in the Ward to ensure we have housing for all and spaces for local businesses.

  • Proactively advocating for small businesses as they navigate City processes and supporting the Small Business Office to make it easier to run a business in our city.

  • Advocating along with neighbors to make sure airplane departure routes do not become superhighways over our neighborhoods.

  • Building support for stormwater infrastructure to alleviate the impact of severe storms in our flood prone areas.

To ensure your voice is heard by:

  • Responding to your questions and requests promptly and being regularly available in the ward.

  • Proactively working with local organizations to support neighborhood priorities and helping residents accomplish them.

  • Being at the table and working with stakeholders to find meaningful solutions to challenging and contentious issues such as local housing, zoning, transportation infrastructure, and business development.

  • Making decisions that significantly impact residents in collaboration with residents.

To make Ward 13 a livable place for everyone by:

  • Saying no to public subsidies for sports stadiums.

  • Funding affordable housing, especially for young families and for seniors, in every neighborhood in the city.

  • Demanding transparent and sustainable funding for infrastructure investments like the 20 year commitment to streets and neighborhood parks before giving support.

  • Collaborating with our legislative delegation on regional and state priorities.

  • Supporting participatory budgeting and improving ease of access to funding for neighborhood organizations and other community engagement tools.

Close gaps and support all of our neighbors by:

  • Increasing the minimum wage to $15 an hour.

  • Ensuring there is affordable housing in every neighborhood, including for families and seniors, preserving existing affordable housing, and supporting new policies like inclusionary zoning.

  • Strengthening our status as a sanctuary city.

  • Improving how residents of color are treated by supporting additional reforms within the Police Department.

Take action now to protect our environment for the future by:

  • Taking stronger action toward zero waste including reviewing waste policies for commercial businesses and multi-family buildings to support recycling and composting.

  • Strengthening energy efficiency and green requirements for new buildings and move from demolition to reuse of building materials.

  • Supporting direct transit routes, Safe Routes to School, car sharing and other policies that encourage non-motorized transportation.

  • Truly supporting the Clean Energy Partnership with sustainable and full staffing and championing other local action to fight climate change.